REC.NUDE FAQ--Electronic Access, Part III of III

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Last-modified: 1995/09/20

Changes this month: Added Dave Rossow's naturist page.

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Online Naturist Resources

    1. Internet resources
         1. Naturist home page
         2. Naturist Legal FAQ (WWW)
         3. Naturist Reference pages
         4. Naturist-Action listserv
         5. The Camping Bares
         6. Mooncrow's NW Naturist Page
+        7. Dave Rossow: Naturism is a more Natural Lifestyle
    2. National Online services
         1. Online Naturist's Club (Delphi)
         2. Prodigy Naturists
         3. Compuserve
         4. Genie
         5. America OnLine
    3. Regional and Local BBSs
         1. D.C. Bare Line
         2. The Natural Connection
         3. Western Connection BBS
         4. Mid Ohio Bulletin Board
         5. International Nudists BBS
         6. Echelon MLS
         7. North West Nudists BBS
         8. Howard's Notebook
         9. Fidonet
        10. Uropa Online
        11. Information Gateway BBS
        12. The Antenna Farm BBS
        13. ?? BBS
        14. Janus BBS
   Besides USENET's REC.NUDE, there is:
    1. Internet resources
         1. The Naturist Home Page is maintained by John Meaker and
            contains connections to many Internet naturist resources. The
            URL is
         2. David Brahm keeps a Legal FAQ which lists laws and court
            decisions for many states and areas. The URL is
         3. The Naturist Reference pages are a collection of site
            reports, organizations, and online references. Clickable maps
            make it easy to navigate and find naturist information for
            specific areas. The URL is
         4. The NATURIST-ACTION list is intended for urgent action
            requests for the naturist community; e.g. announcing threats
            to nude beaches or nude recreation on public lands. It is NOT
            to be used for general discussions. Those should be directed
            to Usenet rec.nude. The list is not currently moderated, in
            order to allow for the fastest possible dissemination of
            information. If the list is abused, it will become moderated.
            The NATURIST-ACTION list is NOT sponsored by the Naturist
            Action Committee, but it supports the same goals as NAC.
            To subscribe to NATURIST-ACTION, send the following command
            to in the BODY of your email:
            subscribe naturist-action yourInternetAddress
         5. The Camping Bares have an introductory letter at
         6. Mooncrow's NW Naturism Page is a listing of sites and
            information of the Pacific Northwest at
+        7. Naturism is a more Natural Lifestyle is Dave Rossow's
+           compilation of many naturist organizations and commericial
+           sites. The URL is
    2. National Online services
         1. Online Naturist's Club
            % Michael Corbin
            P.O. Box 3201
            Lynchburg, VA 24503
            DELPHI (computer dial): 1-800-365-4636
            At the USERNAME prompt, type JOINDELPHI
            At the PASSWORD prompt, type CUSTOM13
            Once online, type GO GROUPS CUSTOM 13 and follow instructions
            Assistance: Phone (voice) Delphi: 1-800-544-4005
            ONC: 1-800-788-9613
         2. Prodigy Naturists
            Prodigy located the nudist/naturist sections under the
            Bulletin Board under the topic heading: NATURISTS.
         3. On Compuserve there are two naturist sections.
            The oldest is Naturist Lifestyles, which is section 12 in
            HSX100. The other is named Naturism/Nudism, section 17 of the
            OUTDOORS forum.
            Page 1065 has several topics of interest to naturist/nudists:
            Category 2 - California Lifestyles and Attitudes
            Topic 6 - Beaches and Tanning
            Category 11 - The Laid Back Enquirer
            Topic 3 - What do you do nude?
            Category 16 - Sports, Health & Adventure in California!
            Topic 5 - To TAN or not to TAN?
            Topic 6 - Nude beaches, hot springs, & resorts
         4. On Genie, the Public Forum, Page 545, in Category 9, Topic 12
            is an on-going discussion of nude recreation/lifestyle. The
            American West Round-Table, Page 1065, CATegory 44, all topics
            include some discussion of naturism. Covers all the Western
            States and has a sizable library of files talking about nude
            beaches, how to get to them, and how to behave.
            Discussion of nudity laws in Florida in USA-EAST Round-Table
            on page 1470; has 5 naturist topics in CATegory 8.
            There are also a few naturist topics on the Travel
            Round-Table on page 560, in CATegory 28.
         5. On America-Online, in the Lifestyles & Interests Department
            there is "The Exchange" which includes an "Other Special
            Interests" forum with two folders called "Nudist & Naturist"
            and "Nudism". Not a lot of activity.
    3. Regional and Local BBSs
         1. D.C. Bare Line - (703) 241-BARE - Telephone Hotline (not a
            BBS). Club updates, events, and info. Question & Answer
            section and a Comment Line for free-for-all discussions.
         2. The Natural Connection - (414) 426-2110 - The Naturist
            Society's own BBS. All business with TNS or NAC can be
            conducted via e-mail here or on the following services:
            Delphi, Online Naturist Club (id: TNS)
            Compuserve (id: 76640,633)
            Genie (id: Naturists)
            Internet (id:
            For more info, call Pat O'Brien (voice: (414) 231-9950)
         3. Western Connection BBS - Arizona Naturists Roundtable. Call
            and sign up then request access to this roundtable from Sysop
            or "MusicMan". (602) 881-8283.
         4. Mid Ohio Bulletin Board (M.O.B.B). Tom Rothe, Sysop. (419)
            756-4958. 300-2400, 24 Hours. Sign up with the sysop for the
            nudist conference.
         5. International Nudists - International BBS at (902) 742-3399
            2-lines 24 hrs/day; set software at n-8-1
         6. Echelon MLS - 8 lines, Free access to Naturists (mention this
            FAQ), SysOps: Storm, Stellar, and Steel. Local Naturist
            Message areas and USENET rec.nude available, plus local chat.
            (218) 878-0642 8,N,1
         7. North West Nudist's BBS (206) 782-6740 or (206) 788-5836.
            From the BBS's purpose statement: "This board is to promote
            nudism/naturism in all of it's varied forms. It is intended
            for both children and adults, so please keep this in mind
            when you post here."
         8. Howard's Notebook - (816) 331-5868. Sysop is Jim Howard. Has
            had a nudist area since 1982.
         9. From (Wayne Silsbee):
            "Hi, Steve. Just an update to your r.n FAQ. About five months
            ago I started up a Fidonet echo called NATURIST. It's
            starting rather slowly here ... but we have about 15
            participating systems around the US. Anyone interested may
            contact me on the Fido side 1:105/222 for a v32bis feed, or
            may contact Greg Martz at 1:3401/1 for a v32bis/HST feed."
            For more info:
            e-mail uucp: uunet!m2xenix!puddle!223!Wayne.Silsbee
        10. Uropa Online - Carries both the Naturist mail area and a
            Naturist file area, as well as Rec.nude. It can be reached on
            01329-314708 (from the UK) and can be accessed on all speeds
            to Vfast 24hrs a day. Sysops name is Iain Littlejohn.
        11. Information Gateway BBS. Manny Hernandez, sysop.
            404-928-7873. Public Access Usenet Newsgroups/Email. Read
            access to most groups including rec.nude is free. Posting
            access is free also after validation. Presently carries about
            400 groups.
        12. The Antenna Farm BBS -- (512) 444-1052. Sysop: Ben Thornton.
            Carries rec.nude and the "NATURIST" Fidonet echo. Although it
            is primarily geared for radio amateurs, these message areas
            may be made available to users upon request. Supports modem
            speeds up to 14.4kbps, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop.
        13. ?? BBS -- (203) 732-0575. Sysop: Terry Smith. Fido Board
            which carries Fido Naturist, and has a gated feed of
        14. Janus BBS - (540) 869-3843 or (540) 869-5888. Offering users
            access to FidoNet's Naturist conference, and a gated feed for
            UseNet's rec.nude. Located in Stephens City, VA. Sysop: Sean
   Any more Local BBS's with a nudist/naturist bent? Let me know and I'll
   add you to the above list.
   The above information is far from comprehensive (but hopefully
   correct)! I make no guarantees of quality or usefulness. I do not
   represent any of the above organizations or companies. I receive no
   monetary reward for posting any of this information. Permission must
   be requested before posting and copying.
   Copyright @1992-1995 Michael O'Neal-Petterson.
   Send updates, corrections, comments/criticisms, and requests for
   current copies to:  The most current version of this
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   Relax and enjoy, naturally!
Michael O'Neal-Petterson